What Should an Escort Wear?

Hopefully you will have stumbled upon this little article having already made the decision to become an escort. If not and you are still unsure then do look at the other blogs Is Escort Work Right For You and Become an Escort which I hope will help you with any doubts you may be having.

As a courtesan your appearance and style are very important and will always be assessed even if on a subliminal level rather than a conscious thought. After all, we all do this very naturally going about our everyday routines and interactions with fellow human beings. Yes, I know that we say that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but be advised that in this game your look and looks are under scrutiny all the time. So, it goes without saying that you should present your absolute best at all times when at work.

I have touched on natural beauty before and while it is undoubtedly an advantage, not being blessed with goddess like assets is not a deal breaker.  Likewise, the escort industry is a tantalising mix of lovely ladies of all shapes and sizes which in turn satisfies the huge range of needs and desires of a very diverse client base. But, due to the high level of competition within the adult industry, the way you dress and make yourself up can make a tremendous difference. You may also find a way of dressing that helps to separate you from the rest, that gives you a uniqueness, a signature style that clients will appreciate and hopefully want to see more of.

Dress to Impress

The escort industry is all about fun, pleasure and sensuality and this all needs to be represented in your overall look. The image you convey can create an alluring impression, assist you in getting more clients and ultimately help you to seduce your client as well.

In order to determine what you wear first you need to know where you are meeting. If you are due to meet at a stylish wine bar or restaurant in town then you will need to have a sophisticated city style.  You should try and achieve a chic look that and allows you to stand out from the rest of the crowd but not stick out like a sore thumb.  Your client won’t want you to be an attention seeker but they will want you to be noticed and elegance and graceful styles are clear winners in this arena.

Working that Workwear

While looking the part is essential it is also important that you dress comfortably, you are at work after all! If you choose a tight, uncomfortable or tricky outfit then you may run the risk of being distracted from your duty. Similarly, if the ensemble you have artistically put together is too far out of your comfort zone then you may find your personality is hampered somewhat as well. Choose an outfit that will not only be comfortable but will enable you to be your natural self. If you have one mind on how sore your feet are or if your skirt keeps riding up then you may not be presenting your best to the client. Trying to achieve a different look which results in your personality and performance being affected may convey a negative or indifferent image to your client who in turn might not feel as comfortable as they thought they might which may stop them from booking you again. 

Most escorts depend on repeat business, it is necessary that you provide the best services to captivate the client’s imagination so that he considers booking you when he gets the opportunity next time. Just because you are in the escort industry, doesn’t mean you have to show off too much flesh. Try and strike a balance between provocative and classy, knee length skirts, plunging neckline, strappy heels and a simple clutch will take you most places and be suitable for high rise occasions and venues.  Plan the layering of your outfit, have a little surprise or a reveal to peak your client’s interest. For example, a backless or halter neck dress under a smart jacket allows you to show more of your assets as the night progresses while still maintaining a classic and professional image. Keep in mind who you are going to meet, the age of the client and where you are going. A client may request what the escort should wear and if you have instructions, it solves half the problems. In any case, you should not compromise on the comfort part because if you are not comfortable, half of the time, your mind will be focused on this rather than your job. You should try and avoid wearing jewellery as that means you will have to keep track of where you are putting it because eventually, it’s all coming off. Having less to track is better when going for an escort meeting. When the appointment is set in your client’s or your house directly, you can try to be more experimental with your attire. Wearing a seductive, sexy, short dress with exquisite lingerie underneath is always a good way to arouse his interest.

All Made Up

Your make-up plays a very important part as well along with what you wear. Wearing makeup is essential (unless your clients stipulates otherwise) but you should not overdo it as it will make you look ‘obvious’ which you certainly don’t want. Escorts are women for high profile entertainment, and you should always have an overall classy image in mind that is reflected in your makeup. Keep it subtle and graceful while being visibly present enough accentuating your best assets.

Also a useful note on makeup make sure that the makeup you apply is will not slide, bleed or mark your client’s clothing. Make sure that your hairstyle compliments your dress code no matter what you choose to wear as your hairstyle dan can make or break your look. All in all, it can be said that you need to be yourself while ensuring that you look elegant, sexy and appealing.  Work your whole image to make sure your hair make-up and outfit compliments one another in a very classy manner radiating sex appeal and elegance all rolled into one.