How to Become an Escort

You have decided you want to become an escort, But where do you start?

Hopefully my first article “Become an Escort – Is Escort Work Right for you?” has enabled you to decipher all the pros and cons concerning becoming a professional courtesan and you have reached the decision to embark on this potential high earing and rewarding career. Welcome Aboard! It’s a decision you won’t regret and who knows, you might end up being profiled here at Heavenly Courtesans as one of the ‘Angels’.

So how do you go about becoming an escort? Well, there are a few ways to do this so let me give you some tips and pointers to help you piece together your plan of action.

Set your Stall

Ok, so the first thing to consider is what you are willing to offer. You will have seen the application processes online so take some time to seriously think about what you will be willing to do and where you will be willing to do it. There may be travel that could take you further afield than you had anticipated or social liaisons where you might be required to have more conversation than you imagined. Either way, make sure you are comfortable with what services clients may expect from you.

It’s All In The Name

It may be helpful to create a persona for your escort work. This will help you protect your identity and has the added benefit of helping you get into the role for your work. Keep your own name for your private life.  It may help to choose a name that is like your name so that it doesn’t feel totally alien. So, for example, if you are Lucy then be a Lucinda or Catherine becomes Katarina.

Go with a reputable Escort Agency

If you are new to the business, I would suggest that you go down the agency route for many reasons from a safety aspect to support and friendship.

Decent agencies like pride themselves on running their businesses as caring and friendly communities looking after the welfare of their escorts and clients alike. If you are starting out it will be reassuring to be able to tap into the experience of the other members who can offer advice and support should you be feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. We are a very friendly bunch and think of ourselves as one big sexy family and looking after one another is a large part of that.

Similarly, another advantage to working with an agency is that your customers should all have been vetted prior to your meeting. A good agency takes time to talk to new clients, taking information and details that will keep you safe and protect your identity. At Heavenly, they deal with the bookings ‘backstage’, so clients don’t have direct contact with you. This way you are less vulnerable should there be any dispute or unease.  For the most part, clients who use courtesans know and adhere to the ‘code of conduct’ but some may develop feelings or want to get to know you on a more personal level in which case the agency booking system provides a layer of security that keeps you tucked just out of reach should you want to be. Once you are more established and you happen to know and trust your regulars you may wish to relax your boundaries somewhat which is up to you, however, using an agency certainly for new clients will provide you with a safer working environment.

Works Both Ways

Belonging to a well-established agency should get you more regular work. We live in a digital age where almost all potential clients will browse the internet to find recognised agencies through which to choose and book their date.  Successful escort agencies who have had an online presence for longer will rank higher in the google pages and therefore be visited more often. Appearing on page one of a search brings the agency in question a certain kudos that potential clients will identify with i.e. if they are popular then they must be good.  Put quite simply, if you are listed with an established agency who has a large client base then even as a new escort you are going to be more exposed (so to speak) than you might be setting up on your own. More exposure means more work and more work means more money; do the math!

Which Escort Agency?

If you do happen to have contacts in the industry, then now is the time to seek them out and ask their advice. The larger cities across the country will have huge numbers of escort agencies operating there promoting their escorts to the local community.  You may be somewhat daunted by the choice so there are a few simple things to consider when doing your research.

Go online and study the agency’s protocol. Make sure they have a secure booking system and that they do carry out checks on new customers. See if they have guidelines on their website outlining the conduct that they expect their clientele to adhere too. Look at the blogs and comments and what the extended community is like. If you see an extensive website with lots of information, interesting and informative blogs along with legitimate feedback then you can safely assume that the agency in question is genuinely good at what they do!

Money Maker!

Once you have found an agency you like the look of then contact them. There will undoubtedly be an application process involving sending images etc, but if possible contact them, as there is some key information that you need to know before signing on the dotted line.  Inquire about the commission the agency will take from your fee.  It is normally between 30 and 45%. As you know, payment is usually an exchange between you and the client in question and you will simply keep your cut and pass the agreed percentage to the agency. Things are changing all the time in the adult industry though and some escort agencies are taking payment at the booking stage where clients are comfortable to do so. In this instance, you will receive your payment from the agency at a later date so make sure you’re clear about the finical arrangements.

Safety First

I have touched on this but just a reminder to ask the agency about their policy for safeguarding.  Ask what procedures are in place should you experience a tricky client or what you should do if you feel unsafe at any time.  Double-check that all clients will be screened before their booking is accepted and make sure they keep records and data of all those that use the service.  At the risk of sounding like the old matriarch, I would strongly advise not to join an agency that doesn’t have these two elements in place!

The Lone Escort

You can, of course, do things independently and although this might make you more money in the long run the risks are higher and the workload is far heavier. Going it alone will mean that you have to build a name and reputation on your own and of course commission and constantly update a website. The later doesn’t come cheaply, nor does the content with a decent photographer costing anywhere between £800 and £1800 for the shoot and editing. You will also need to set time aside to write blogs with the correct content to attract search engines and run social media campaigns on several platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Of course, there is the safety element and security checks that will also cut into your time.

Advertising will be essential as it is for all businesses start-ups so you will need to create a striking advert that catches the eye and research the most appropriate place to post it.  There are many industry forums and escort sites where you will be able to post your advert which should link to your website.

The great thing about setting up on your own of course is that you can work the hours to suit you and charge what you want – you are very much in control. But don’t underestimate the time and effort it will take to get potential clients finding your website let alone establishing a regular and reliable client base.

Whichever you choose, it will take time to build your profile and business. Here at Heavenly like any good agency they are always looking for new courtesans to join the team so if you are serious about this don’t hesitate and click this link.

Ce Ce X