Become an Escort – Is Escort Work Right for You?

So you want to become an escort? We live in an age where the selling of sexual services is considered a genuine job choice and those who choose to become escorts do so with the sense of professionalism that any woman (or man) would apply to their career. There is money to be made which of course is always attractive and if you are successful and good at what you do, you can command more money and work less to suit your particular circumstances. However, as in all jobs (and particularly in the service industry) there is a diverse range of standards to suit all tastes and budgets but those that make a successful profession out of it are those that enjoy their work.

Ok, I hear you. Don’t we all enjoy sex? Well of course we do! Whether it be with a devoted loved one or an uncomplicated quickie with a like-minded companion we enjoy the intimacy or thrill that provides but essentially, we do this in our downtime, not ‘on the clock’ so to speak. So if you are considering becoming an escort then you need to search your soul and ask yourself the following question…

Why do you want to become an Escort?

The answer to this question is really the most important factor of your decision making when understanding if escort work if right for you. You may be draw to this job for many reasons be it sexual liberation, being your own boss or the social aspect of the job. But you can’t be successful if you don’t truly enjoy what you do, as it shows! Some people are attracted to escort work due to the high earning potential, and yes, some successful courtesans are able to earn a jolly good and regular wage from this line of work; but the simple fact is that they are prepared to have sex on a regular basis. All successful courtesans recognise and are accepting of this. In short you need to do this job because you love it!

Have you got what it takes to become an escort?

The great thing about the sex industry is that just like in the great tapestry of life there is variety. We are all individual with our own likes and preferences, so age, shape, size and creed isn’t so important. Obviously, if you are blessed with beauty and a heavenly body t’boot then this will set you up nicely. However, even the flawless beauties amongst us still have to work on their appearance to keep at the top of their game. You need to always be well-groomed and beautifully presented which of course takes time, effort and money. But perhaps far more important than what you look like or how your vital statistics rack up, an attractive personality is most definitely required for sex work. Being an escort you have to provide so much more than the physical side of things. It is part of your job to put your client as ease so having the ability to engage them in interesting conversation is a must. You need to be, at all times, considerate of your client’s feelings and be warm and friendly. Service with a smile and all that! It may be that your client requires you to accompany them on special occasions and meet with important people. Here you need to remember that you are representing your client and therefore you need to consider your client’s image and conduct yourself accordingly. You may be in a room of complete strangers so you will need to be polite and friendly, delivered with quiet confidence and no doubt be trusted to hold your own in a conversation. Being a ‘people person’ is essential and if you are not oozing the aforementioned qualities you will simply find you are not asked back!

Are you happy to provide a sexual service?

There is no beating around the bush on this one. If you want to become a successful escort then you need to be totally comfortable with the fact you will have to have sex with clients whom you barely know on a regular basis. Of course, as you build your client base and prove your worth then you will establish a regular client base with whom you will develop bonds and maybe even friendships but a large percentage of your work (especially in the start) will be strangers. Legally, of course, there is no official contract to say that you have to perform sexual acts during these liaisons but let’s be honest, it’s what you are there for and what you are being paid for. If the sex side of things is something you can’t commit too then you are seriously limiting yourself and will find you’re in a small niche business which is highly competitive.

Being your own Boss

What is so appealing about escort work is the ability to call the shots and work the hours that you want. Many escorts conduct a ‘normal’ day job and engage in escort work in the evening, thus providing an attractive second income. The adult industry is one of the few sectors that enable workers to dictate their hours of work and to some degree the cost of their service. As mentioned before, once you are an established and desirable courtesan then you are more than likely going to get clients willing to fit in with your availability. If you are just starting out and are keen to really establish your business as an escort then you probably need to be as flexible with your time and availability as you possibly can. Remember, you ultimately have control, which is one of the truly remarkable things about this profession. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do. You have the ability to make your own decisions regarding all aspects of your escort business and must never feel pressured to commit to something you are unsure about.

Operating under the covers and undercover at the same time

So you have established that you are happy to have sex people you don’t really know; so how will your family deal with that? Being an escort these days is for the most part considered to be a sophisticated and professional career choice without stigma or judgement attached, but it may be difficult for your inner circle or loved ones to accept this. They may have genuine concerns about your safety and well being or indeed disagree with your job choice from a moral point of view.

It may be simpler to keep these two things apart. By not telling your family of your exploits then you needn’t worry them and be able to get on with establishing and running your business without interruption. Keeping these two important elements of your life separate enables you to avoid either of them being damaged or impacting each other. Many escorts choose to operate like this as it can not only help you avoid a considerable amount of stress but also help you focus on the job without interruptions from your private life.

The general advice for anyone working within the adult industry is to keep a low profile and keep your private life just that. Although you need to communicate with your clients it is recommended that you don’t pass on intimate details about your family or personal information. If you are concealing your job from your close circle then the less information you put out there, the less likely the reality will be discovered.

Safety is also a consideration here and concealing your identity will help protect you.  You could use a false name and never give clients your personal contact details. Take care to put the right precautions is place and make sure you know what of your images are being used and more importantly shared.

In it for the long haul

Don’t go into escorting for a quick fix or to make a quick buck. The successful escorts have worked hard at perfecting their people skills and well as honing their sexual skills. It takes time to build up a reputation and client base. You will have to put in many hours of hard work to get established and there will be complications along the way that will test your metal. But with patience and dedication, you will soon gain trust and respect from the majority of people you meet, work with and work alongside and be able to charge larger sums of money for your expertise.

In summary here are 5 top tips to help you focus your thoughts if you are considering taking the plunge to become a escort.

  1. Although you don’t have to be a goddess to escort being attractive is definitely helpful. Personality is key though so aim to be a beautiful person on the inside too.
  2. Acknowledge and understand that sexual interaction with you is what your clients are expecting and what you will need to deliver.
  3. You need to be in the business to have a good time and not just be in it for the money as you will be quickly be exposed.
  4. Although you need to really dedicate yourself to the task in order to achieve the maximum potential from this rewarding career, try and keep your work life and private life separate and limit the amount of personal information you give out.
  5. Commitment and Patience are required by the bucket full. Without these vital ingredients, you may just find yourself failing at the first hurdle.