Code of Conduct

Be a Gentleman

Heavenly’s ladies are respectful in every way, we ask they are treated with that same respect from the men using their services. Please read and adhere to our guidelines below to ensure your date lives up to both yours and our expectations.

Please pay as soon as your date arrives

Your companion should not have to ask you for the payment. Offer it when she arrives and please count the amount carefully in front of her.

On arrival drinks

Please ensure you have a selection of soft drinks available for when your companion arrives and during the booking. For longer dates please offer food.

Alcohol & drugs

Drink in moderation. If you are drunk, or even tipsy your companion will be worried for her safety which may result in her leaving. Think sensibly and behave responsibly.

Personal hygiene

Please shower no more than an hour before your date arrives, no less than squeaky clean will do.  Services will be reduced if you are anything less than 100%, so don’t ruin your enjoyment by being laid back about your cleanliness.

Unprotected sex

If you ask for unprotected sex, you will be blacklisted. If you remove the condom and attempt penetration without one, you will be reported to the police for sexual assault.

Extended time with your date

Please pay at the start of the extended period. We do not accept bank transfer payments, cheque or credit card payments during bookings. Remember thought that Heavenly escorts are in high demand and they may have somewhere else to go if you leave it too late into your date to extend.


Plans change, so we understand that cancellations are a part of life.  Out of courtesy, we ask for a part payment by bank transfer if you have to change your plans once a booking is confirmed.


If you’re on an overnight date, don’t forget to sleep! Your companion is not going to stay up all night, not least because she needs to drive home safely the next morning.


We ask that you always escort your companion back to her car if it’s dark.


We lead by example, our companions are respectful and kind so please extend this courtesy to them also.  Bullying will not be tolerated in any form