Why use an escort agency?

If you are looking for a date with your dream girl, why use an escort agency? Choosing your perfect escort is like picking your favourite colour wrapper from a selection of unknown toffee flavours and just hoping you’ve chosen the right one…I mean, you like the colour green – right? But will it deliver on taste when you get in in your mouth? You’re expecting it to be minty but what happens if it’s not?

You could be pleasantly surprised once you start sucking, however often you’ll feel duped because the manufacturer has disguised the worst possible flavour of the sticky sweet in a pretty green glittery wrapper.

Much like choosing your escort – where do you start?  Well, there’s a plethora of weird and wonderful websites with trillions of what looks like stunning girls to choose from – and often a lot cheaper than agency rates.  So, how do you know what’s in the shop window is what will arrive an hour or so later at your door?  The long and short of it is – you don’t! 

So, why use an escort agency? Can’t I just book an independent escort?

The amount of times I’ve heard your horror stories about the last escort you booked on Adultwork and had to turn her away at the door after paying your deposit and travel costs, it’s far more common than you think.  Often a completely different girl turns up to the one you have booked – and not in a good way!

That’s why agencies are used by the more discerning clients who haven’t got the inclination for timewasters. We are the toffee testers! We get to know our ladies, their personalities, do’s and don’t’s, likes and dislikes. We explore the compatibility between you and your date before you book to avoid those disappointments.  See us as the Miss Marple’s of the escort industry – we investigate for you, we ensure your date is the real deal, authentic and legitimate.  What you see is what you get…we are, in essence a short term dating agency, putting you in contact with the best ladies in the business and we take the leg work out of what can be not just a difficult decision but also a minefield of potential let downs. In short – you can take the risky DIY approach or employ some serious ‘damage limitation’ by using the skills of an agency that know what they’re doing. It’s got to be worth paying that little bit more to get the girl of your dreams rather than risk a nightmare for your wallet and your willy!

Our ladies are located throughout the UK, from Leicester to London, Coventry to Cambridge and everywhere in between. So if you are interested in booking a sensational escort for a date, why not take a look at our beautiful Heavenly Courtesans to see if anything takes your fancy.