What is an escort?

Have you ever wondered, what is an escort?

We get asked this all the time, so we wrote this article to shed some light on the subject.


She’s some of the above, but more importantly and above all else, she’s an independent woman. An escort has her own life and is in control of her own destiny. She wants to stand on her own two feet and enjoys the finer things in life without relying on anyone else to provide for her.

She’s an entrepreneur. She knows her worth. She has the greatest asset and knows how to market it, whilst providing the utmost professionalism to her clients to ensure she maximises her opportunities.

When we are asked, what is an escort? We always reply with she’s super confident. Her confidence comes from within, she really ‘knows’ herself, she’s comfortable in her own skin and has no need to sell herself short.

An escort can be wild, but she can also be discrete. Her mantra is never kiss and tell. What goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors in her world. Both escort and client have very little to gain by ‘outing’ each other, but everything to lose.

You will find that an escort is always accommodating. She’ll make her clients feel like they’re the only person in her life for the time they are together.  She will make their wildest fantasies come true for a night.

What is an escort if there isn’t a bit of fun involved? She’ll have plenty to talk about to entice her clients, her pseudonym will enable her to bring out her naughty side with her clients, role play is her thing!

An escort is always respectful. She’ll always be on time. She’s super polite and communicates with her clients before and throughout the booking. She manages her clients expectations, she never over promises but always over delivers. 

An escort’s role is to be kind and attentive, beautiful, inside and out. She ALWAYS looks her best. She’s super clean, her nails are beautifully manicured, her skin is moisturised and her make up is perfect.  Her lingerie is luxurious and she oozes sophistication… But her real beauty is within, she’s the full package for her clients.

She’s clever. She’ll never be intimidated by her clients.  She can communicate at all levels, putting her clients at ease but always staying one step ahead.

A Heavenly escort is desirable. Her clients can’t think of anything else but her – during and after the booking.

She’s kind. She will always put the clients needs and wants before her own. 

She’s unique, She’s Heavenly!