Tiffany is a seductive caramel with a perfect waist and perfect peach bottom, you will be wowed by her softest touch and attentive nature.


1 Hour: £300
2 Hours: £550
3 Hours: £700

4 Hours: £825
5 Hours: £1000
6 Hours: £1150

14 Hours: £1700
(Overnight Booking)

Birmingham escort in black dress
Birmingham escort in black dress
Birmingham escort in a green jumpsuit
Birmingham escort in a green jumpsuit
Birmingham escort in a black and white skirt and top
Birmingham escort in a pink swimsuit
Birmingham escort, ebony escort, wearing a black evening dress

About Tiffany

Tiffany is an girl who likes to dress to impress with all of her curves showing, she loves to work out so you can see the finer things in life.

She promises to be hot and sensual and deliver everything you will ever need from business to pleasure. She is a gorgeous and sophisticated sweet young lady that you will never want to leave your side.

Tiffany has the personality to match her looks, take her out on a date and you will find that she’s happy go lucky, funny, charismatic, energetic and a lady you can take to dinner or have playtime at home.

Tiffany likes clean, polite and respectful clients. She is very discreet expects the same from her dates. Always completely classy, however she doesn’t mind being mischievous either.

In her own words

What is your profession?
My profession is a Trainee Lawyer, I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree.

What is your favourite part of being an escort?
My favourite part of being an escort is meeting new people, have a nice conversation, flirt and being naughty with clients. I always like to make sure they feel special.

What is your biggest turn on?
When a gentlemen hold the door open for me and I like a confident man.

What is your biggest turn off?
Rude, vulgar and disrespectful manners.

How do you like to be treated by your date?
I would like to be made to feel like a princess.

What’s your favourite tipple on a fancy date?
I enjoy and nice gin and tonic.

Cooking or eating out?
Eating out always.

What is your favourite dish on a menu?
Lasagne or a Sunday lunch. I also love West African food.

Do you have any pets?
No but I would love a puppy.

Do you have any unfulfilled desires?
I would like to have my own successful business one day.

What is your ultimate fantasy in the bedroom?
I do like water sports.

What is your dream car?
Mercedes G wagon.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Ibiza or Marbella.

If you had one wish what would it be? (not including a million more wishes!!)
To be happy and enjoy life every single second of the day.

Love or be loved?
I am a lover who wants to be loved.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Sugababes and Aaliyah.

Best gift ever received?
A necklace.

Where was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen?
Café mambos Ibiza.

Are you scared of anything?

If you were something sweet, what would you be?
Malteaser, as I would melt in your mouth.

Most interesting book you’ve ever read?

Where do you like to be touched that drives you wild?
A nibble behind my ear.