Join Misha on a journey to the stars and back.  She is a pocket rocket who is full of Eastern Promise.  Unwrap this exotic beauty and you will expose her soft sensual centre.


1 Hour: £550
2 Hours: £1000
3 Hours: £1250

4 Hours: £1500
5 Hours: £1750
6 Hours: £2000

14 Hours: £3200
(Overnight Booking)

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About Misha

Misha has bubbliness and confidence in abundance, making her your perfect companion for any occasion.

Our exotic Misha is guaranteed to set your pulse racing and dazzle each of your senses individually. Not only do her looks titillate; her outgoing personality will be a delight to behold.

Misha adores the high life and has a real sense of spirituality and well being. Her hobbies include fine dining, yoga and fitness. There is also a dramatically tantalising naughty side which once experienced will never be forgotten…

Let Misha be your dream date and perfect companion.

In her own words…

What is your profession?
I work in hospitality

What is your favourite part of being an escort?
I love making my clients wildest fantasies into realities!  I enjoy meeting new people, being treated like a princess and being taken to lots of exciting and interesting places!

What is your biggest turn on?

What is your biggest turn off?
When someone is unhygienic or rude

How do you like to be treated by your date?
I always treat my clients with respect and give them the personal experience they desire and I expect the same in return.  I like a real gentleman.

What’s your favourite tipple on a fancy date?
I love a glass of champagne, or a negroni on ice

Cooking or eating out?
I love to cook I can cook a mean curry but also the best fry up, I like to eat out also as long as the company is good.

What is your favourite dish on a menu?
Depends what mood I’m in but I love tapas.  I’m not a fussy eater and always up for trying new things.

Do you have any pets?
No but I love animals. Especially dogs.

Do you have any unfulfilled desires?
Im not part of the mile high club yet – but id like to be (in first class obviously!)!

What is your ultimate fantasy in the bedroom?
Its not about me is it ?… its all about my client, my fantasy is your fantasy!

What is your dream car?
I like the throatiness of 5 litre mustang

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
I like the Caribbean, any where with a soft sandy beach and no rabble!

If you had one wish what would it be? (not including a million more wishes!!)
To stay forever young

Love or be loved?
Im a giver not a taker!!

What was the first record you ever bought?
Motowns Greatest Hits. My aunties were a big influence on my taste in music.

Best gift ever received?
A diamond bracelet of a client, totally unexpected and only comes out for special occasions

Where was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen?
In the Cotswolds lying on the grass at the top of a hill

Are you scared of anything?
Spiders! So if there’s one in the bath I’ll definitely need you to remove it!!

If you were something sweet, what would you be?
A lolly pop… I want to be licked all over!

Most interesting book you’ve ever read?
The secret. I’ll tell you mine… if you tell me yours!

Where do you like to be touched that drives you wild?
Inner thighs and nipples