Maisy is a bilingual beauty who can effortlessly hold her own on any occasion, she’s your perfect girlfriend for dinner dates, social events and intimate occasions.

2 Hours: £550
3 Hours: £700
4 Hours: £850

5 Hours: £1000
6 Hours: £1150
14 Hours: £1700 (Overnight)

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About Maisy

I believe that the sexiest thing on a person is their smile.

Friends always accuse me of making them laugh with my many stories and own infectious laugh.

I can’t help being myself. I’m open hearted, playful, endearing with a magnetic personality with comfortable self -confidence. I can hold an intelligent conversation, am bilingual and am always very groomed with a sense of style and fashion sense above the rest.

I’m warm and easy to be around and you’ll feel like you’ve known me for a long time.

Whether you are a high profile businessman with prestige in your industry or simply just fun and casual, you can confidently flaunt me and feel proud to have me as your companion.

Elegant and graceful I can effortlessly hold my own for all occasions, dinner dates, social events or simply hit the room and enjoy intimacy.

In her own words…

What is your profession?
Head of Property Management

What is your favourite part of being an escort?
I absolutely love getting to know clients, the chat, the banter and great fun. I’m friendly, chatty and so easy to get on with

What is your biggest turn on?

What is your biggest turn off?
Bad Hygiene.

How do you like to be treated by your date?
Like a lady outside and a naughty mistress inside

What’s your favourite tipple on a fancy date?
Absolutely Champagne

Cooking or eating out?
I love both. I’m a real foodie and enjoy different tastes and sensations

What is your favourite dish on a menu?

Do you have any pets?
No but I absolutely love dogs

Do you have any unfulfilled desires?
Definitely a few… you could maybe help me?

What is your ultimate fantasy in the bedroom?
Ooooh so many to list…!

What is your dream car?
Aston Martin DB9

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
Italy and the Carribean

If you had one wish what would it be? (not including a million more wishes!!)
Road trip to Italy in an Aston Martin or Ferrari

Love or be loved?
I don’t think it’s possible to have one without the other, is it? Love makes everything grow…

What was the first record you ever bought?
Madonna Like a Virgin

Best gift ever received?
A beautiful diamond necklace whilst in Rome

Where was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen?
Ibiza for sure

Are you scared of anything?

If you were something sweet, what would you be?
Turkish Delight as I am exotic

Most interesting book you’ve ever read?
How to win friends and Influence people – Dale Carnegie

Where do you like to be touched that drives you wild?
My neck