Athena is a lady of class who doesn’t disappoint in the bedroom. Book her if you want a fun night that you will never forget!

1 Hour: £300
2 Hours: £550
3 Hours: £700
4 Hours: £850

5 Hours: £1000
6 Hours: £1150
14 Hours: £1700 (Overnight)

Blonde Escort
Blonde Escort
Blonde Escort
Blonde Escort

I’m a lady of class but I don’t disappoint in the bedroom. I love learning new things and being that sexy nerd that everyone envy’s. I’m a half full kind of women, and like to enjoy all challenges in life, health and fitness for me is very important so I like to keep myself in good shape, as well as pamper myself to near perfection. I am outgoing, sociable, fun and sophisticated. I love new adventures but I can also appreciate a chilled night in. If you want a fun night that you will never forget then take me on a date.

In her own words…

What is your profession?

What is your favourite part of being an escort?
Excitement of the unknown

How do you like to be treated by your date?
Like a princess 

What’s your favourite tipple on a fancy date?
Porn star martini 

Cooking or eating out?
Eating out of course! 

What is your favourite dish on a menu?

What is your ultimate fantasy in the bedroom?
That’s for you to figure out on the date…

What is your dream car?
G wagon!! 

Where is your favourite holiday destination?
New York and Greece 

If you had one wish what would it be?  (not including a million more wishes!!)
Many things on my wish list to help others but to cure cancer is my number 1

Love or be loved?

Where was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen?
Kefalonia, Greece 

Are you scared of anything?
Hate heights 

If you were something sweet, what would you be?
Melted chocolate, because that’s what you’re going to eating off my body! 

Where do you like to be touched that drives you wild?
Take me on a date and you’ll find out!