Madison is a blonde bombshell with a stunning figure to match.


1 Hour: £300
2 Hours: £550
3 Hours: £700

4 Hours: £825
5 Hours: £1000
6 Hours: £1150
14 Hours: £1700 (Overnight)

Worcester escort in black lingerie
Worcester escort in black underwear
Worcester escort in black lingerie
Worcester escort holding a whip
Worcester escort wearing stockings

In her own words…

What is your profession?
I am currently a Project Manager and studying for my MSc in Commissioning.

What is your favourite part about being an escort?
I have always been told I have an edge in the bedroom, combine this with my love of meeting new people and I may have found my ideal profession. The unknown excites me!

What is your biggest turn on?
Confidence. I love when someone is self-assured, knows what they want and what they have to offer.

What is your biggest turn off?
Bad personal hygiene and rudeness – it costs nothing to be kind (and toiletries are not expensive either…)

How do you like to be treated on a date?
I like to be treated with respect and warmth

Favourite tipple on a fancy date?
I can’t resist an espresso martini

Cooking or eating out?
I adore cooking or baking for others, it is one of the many ways, I express my love but who can say no to a lovely meal out and good company.

What is your favourite dish on a menu?
Steak cooked medium rare

Do you have any pets?
Yes, a rampant rabbit

Do you have any unfulfilled desires?
Yes… fulfilling yours

What is your ultimate fantasy in the bedroom?
Book me and we can explore that together

If you had one wish, what would it be? (not including a million more wishes!)
To always remain in good health

Love or be loved?
The ideal love is a mutual one

If you were something sweet, what would you be?
Pick’N’Mix… you can’t go wrong with an assortment of all your favourite sweet treats

Most interesting book you have ever read?
Daddy issues 101… just kidding! It would have to be The Body by Bill Bryson. This book highlighted to me how our bodies are so resilient and vulnerable in equal measure.

Where do you like to be touched that drives you wild?
This may be controversial but my feet… it is a theory that the whole body is represented in a map in miniature within the feet.